A passion that has lasted for fifty years

Cazzaro Costruzioni has been working in the building sector for more than fifty years, especially in the areas of Treviso, Padua and Venice. It realizes residential complexes, industrial interventions, trade centres, and buildings with particular architectural and structural features such as multifunctional rooms, churches, sport centres, nursing homes and hospitals.

A family business

Cazzaro Costruzioni is a family business with experience over three generations. Expert knowhow recognized by its customers and by competitors, enabling it to face and solve the variety of problems that are present in the everyday world of building construction.

An industrial vision

A house or a building is much more than what we see. To realize a building means to create a place where we meet each other, where we work, where we love, where we plan our own future, and where we dream. A building is a place where we fulfil our dreams and inspire the people we love and ourselves to achieve our best. Cazzaro Costruzioni's purpose is to realize smart buildings, with high acoustic and energetic services and advanced technology, which don't just affect the people who observe them from the outside but particularly the people who live there, improving their comfort and their quality of life.

in all

The health and safety of people is the main objective of Cazzaro Costruzioni. In fact, in 2009 the company joined the National Social and Health services to create RELAXXI SRL society. In 2013 the nursing home of Noale (VE) created by Cazzaro Costruzioni was inaugurated then managed and monitored by Relaxxi.

Sustainable energy

The attention to the environment and to the sustainbility of Cazzaro Costruzioni is not just explicitly in the type of building that it realizes but also, since 2011, in the production of energy from renewable sources thanks to their three own photovoltaic panel systems for a total of 1,5Mw.

the house

A house is not a home without special attention to the interior. Through partnerships with the most important brands and its know-how the company can support customers in their interior choices.

Group work

The building sector is more and more demanding, more extended and requires more expert competences. Due to this Cazzaro Costruzioni collaborates with a team of qualified experts who share the same concept and method. Each succesful project could only be the work of a cohesive and inter-disciplinary group.

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