Ca’ Sant’Orsola is located in route Riccati, close to the Cathedral of Treviso, inside the old town centre, a location of absolute value. The propriety, old location of the Polish Institute, is bound as a monumental historical good from the Veneto’s Superintendence of historical and architectural goods.

The restoration aims not just to fix up a building which was in precarious conditions from the structural point of view but especially to qualify the complex a second time from the energetic and acoustic point of view.

The building will be provided of a anti-seismic structure and each residential unit will be certificated in Class "A". The use of glasses with high energetic services, the creation of a thermal insulation of depth importance and of a checked mechanic ventilation system with a heat recycling, the use of integration solar panel for water heating are key aspects for reaching the certification. Towards the use of low toxicity inside materials, the pavement heating and cooling with a control for environmental humidity, the residential comfort is guaranteed.

Privacy is guaranteed by a special attention to the acoustic, whose services will be certificated in accordance with the ultimate restoration. The inner finishing is completely a customer’s choice who can personalize as he desires the residence. The complex expected at the ground floor some spaces for offices and shops. Upstairs will be located eights residential units of different sizes.

Inside the building there is a courtyard in which will be obtained eights uncovered car parks, four garages and six service storehouses to residential units.

A location of absolute value, a restored historical building with the most innovative technical solutions in the market make the purchase a safe and long-lasting investment.


Via Riccati 58


2500 m2



Housing units


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