Ca’ del Parco Residence was born in route Piave in Treviso, a few steps away from the old town centre and in a strategic position considering the view. It is located in a hamlet rich of services from the nursery school to the primary school until many public services. It has 34.000 meters of green areas, in which are expected a playing field for children, a football pitch, ornamental and walk areas in addition to green private areas for units in the raised ground floor. A special attention has been given to the architectural composition to create residences with a large-scale effort exposed to green areas.

Ca’ del Parco Residence is a closed building, with a perimeter defined by enclosures. The inside and outside entrances are provided of video intercoms while electric garage doors are expected at the entrance of areas which are arranged for garages. Each residential unit is provided of Class 4 armored doors with unify key, roller blinds with a anti-lift device, intrusion alarms and safety glazing to the windows and arrangement for perimeter and volumetric anti-theft. At Ca’ del Parco, a safe home to live a more peaceful life. During the planning and creation of each building of Cazzaro Costruzioni, a special attention is given to the containment of energy consumption.

Ca’ del Parco is certificated in Class A+, although the expected results are no doubt higher than this classification, on average the build has a energetic recruitments almost halved differently from what is expected by Class A+. 

Cazzaro Costruzioni gives attention also to quality of air inside the environment, checking and certificating that materials which are utilized are inside of standards of Casaclima as regards the issue of VOC(Volatile Organic Compound), it often happens that places in which we live are more polluted than external air (lot of researches talk about a comparison until 100 times higher).

The installation of a checked ventilation system (VMC) completes the climb towards a safe healthfulness environment.

Smart is a concept always more present in our life, and anytime soon it will appear in our homes. At Ca’ del Parco it is already appeared, domotic systems “My_HOME” BTcino have been developed to have the total control of each setting of Ca’ del Parco’s buildings and the total cabling of all the environments, make them ready to welcome any implementation of present and future technologies. 

Garages are fitted for the recharge of electric cars, inside of the residence there is a Wi-Fi spot and a sharing bike station, what’s more we have faced the long-standing problem of recycling. Flats are provided of specific places for put containers of different materials to differentiate.

All of this without lose the attention for design and quality of environments, rooms always higher than dimensional standards, wide living rooms with glass walls which expand the environment towards big gardens and terraces that become real outside living rooms.


Via Cavalleggeri 13


5000 m2



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