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Atelier took shape beside our headquarters.
Its large glass facade breaks down the boundaries between inside and outside, representing the desire to open up to the world, receive creative impulses and act as a catalyst for excellence.
Here our customers are involved in the creative process of their own home supported by their trusted architect or ours.

Interior design and aesthetics of buildings come together in an elegant space, enhanced by the furnishing solutions and by a skilful play of light and shadow reflections. The suspended elements by Artemide Lighting rewrite the approach to lighting design, creating perceptual poems and atmospheres suitable for any occasion.


Not just a simple space, but a place where design, ideas, quality and people meet to offer new points for reflection that arise from contamination of skills, work and life experiences.
The philosophy behind Atelier? Offer a place where you can give rise to new impulses in a space with a high sensorial impact, capable of creating connections between people and projects through materials and shapes.


Atelier project is based on the value of Sharing. We encourage human relationships by organizing moments of conviviality, instruction and awareness within a warm and welcoming space.

Sharing and conviviality are concepts strictly linked to the food experience. Hence the idea of ​​organizing cooking classes within the Atelier: cooking lessons and demonstrations held by major figures of Italian food and wine.


Designed in every single detail to become a reference point for meetings, events and evenings of excellence, Atelier can accommodate up to 100 people and adapt to any type of occasion.

Over time we have organized meetings relating to various sectors including Architecture and Interior Design, Food & Wine and Green Building, also approaching the world of universities thanks to awareness-raising projects for students.

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