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Ca’ del Parco Residence is situated in via Piave. Treviso, a short distance from the old town centre and in a strategic position considering its position. It is located in a hamlet with many public facilities such as a nursery school, a primary school and other public services.

There are 34.000 meters of green areas, where a playing field for children, a football pitch, ornamental and pedestrian areas in addition to green private areas for units on the ground floor will be provided. Special attention has been given to the architectural composition to create residences overlooking wide open green areas.     

Ca’ del Parco Residence is an enclosed building, with a perimeter defined by a fenced-in area. The main and internal entrances are provided with video intercoms and electric tilting garage doors are provided at the entrance of areas arranged for the garages.

Each residential unit is provided with Class 4 reinforced doors with a single key, roller blinds with an anti-lift device, security alarms and glass reinforcement on windows  and provision for perimeter and volumetric anti-theft alarms.

Ca’ del Parco; a safe home for a more peaceful life. During the planning and creation of each Cazzaro Costruzioni building, special attention is given to energy saving.

Ca’ del Parco is a certificated ClassA+ building, although the expected results are no doubt higher than this classification, on average the building has almost halved the energetic requirements expected by ClassA+.  

Cazzaro Costruzioni also pay attention to the air quality in the environment by checking and certifying that materials which are utilized are within Casaclima standard regarding the issue of VOC( Volatile Organic Compound ). The places we live in are often more polluted than the external air ( much research makes a comparison of up to 100 times higher) .The installation of a controlled ventilation system (VMC) prepares the way towards a safe and healthy environment.

Smart is a concept more and more present in our daily lives, and any time soon will appear in our homes. At Ca’ del Parco it has already appeared, “My_HOME” domotic BTcino  systems have been developed to enable complete control of each room environment in the Ca’ del Parco buildings and the total cabling of all the environments, make them ready to insert any implementation of present and future technologies.  

Garages are fitted with EV charge points for electric cars, inside the residence there is a Wi-Fi spot and a bike-sharing point, what’s more we have faced the long-standing problem of recycling. Flats are provided with specific places for the containers of various materials to differentiate. 

All of this without lack of attention to the design and the quality of each environment, always larger than the expected dimensional standards, large living rooms with glass walls which expand the space through to big gardens and terraces that become real outdoor living rooms. 


A decibel is a unit used to measure the intensity of a sound or a noise on a logarithmic scale: an increase of 3 decibels represents the doubling of the previous intensity of a  sound. To guarantee a low level of decibels means to ensure the tranquility and privacy in a home.

Ca’ del Parco is certified the I class level of Standard European norm ref. legislation (UNI 1136, 2010) while most other Italian buildings do not even reach the IV class. 


Cazzaro Costruzioni can count on experience through 4 generations, having developed a knowhow and special attention to the building sector, of which Ca’ del Parco represents the ultimate result.


It is the acronym which represents “Volatile Organic Compounds”,  that is a set of substances present in the domestic environment, resulting from human activity or released from some materials used during the completion of buildings. So it is important, therefore, to guarantee a constant change of air using non- pollutant materials. Ca’ del Parco residences are completed with materials which conform to safety regulations following European legislation (209/544/CE) and are provided with a mechanical system of air renewal by recycling the production of heat (VMC).


Ca’ del Parco is the result of work and research of 10 experts who in over 2 years have shared their choices and have planned the building complex together. 


Ca’ del Parco Residence – Ca’3 have an average energetic efficiency 3 times higher than that any other class”A” residence, with an energy consumption of just 13/KwH/m” year (for sanitary water heating) compared with the 39 KwH/m2 year expected for class A. The difference between that and class C (legally) is over 6 times.


The moulding with the landscape, the care for garden areas and the virtuous relationship between outside and inside contribute to balancing the demand for privacy and contact with nature,  thus determining the aesthetic and natural quality of the building complex. 

Ca’ del Parco Residence, Ca’ 3 have excellent heat insulation that ensures low energy consumption and  retention of an optimal temperature, so much so that we have conducted a simulation by turning off the system on 20 December, going on holiday and coming back in 2 months. We find a temperature of 18°C and a maximum, meanwhile, of 17°C (leaving the fridge switched on, so as not to ruin the fridge and for warming the house).  


Just 600 meters separate Ca’ del Parco Residence from the city walls, in the area of Porta S. Tommaso, guaranteeing at the same time a quiet location and easy access to the city centre. 



Ca’ del Parco Residence are planned with a view to the future and to innovations of  the domotici system, thanks to the cabling of each environment, which enables it to respond promptly to and interact with the most advanced systems and to their possible evolution, even in the household electrical appliance sector. 


Each window of Ca’ del Parco is composed of 5 glass sheets (inner safety glass, gas chamber, central glass 4mm, gas chamber, outer safety glass) which guarantee maximum heat and acoustic insulation. 


The complex Ca’ del Parco is planned especially to meet the requirements of new families and their children, with a central area dedicated to them, well-finished in the smallest detail and situated in the main square and meeting point of the entire building.


The Institute of Architecture of the University of Venice and in particular, the Physics and Technical Environmental laboratories in the Department of Design and Planning in Building Complex Areas , have been collaborating for many years with Cazzaro Costruzioni to plan and also test after sale, choices and structural changes of its buildings from the energetic and technical illumination point of view.    



The orientation of living rooms and the glass wall corresponding to the patio or the terrace, together with  the type of flooring, ensure a well- balanced light environment, never too intense or invasive, therefore guaranteeing a natural and integrated passage between inside and outside.  


All of the most important facilities are in a range of 100 meters of  from Ca’ del Parco: from coffee bars to the supermarket, banks, post offices, schools and to public transport stops and stations.


Ca’ del Parco is also avant-garde in the mobility sector. In fact, the garages are already provided with fast and safe lines for EV charge points for electric vehicles.


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